Founder & Creative Director

Dogs in general have always inspired me. While people know me as an dog-obsessed mother of Luna, I'm inspired every day by the happiness, amusement and unconditional love dogs bring into our lives. If more people took the time to look at the world through the eyes of a dog, people will gain a better appreciation for living a more simple uncomplicated life. Today, I help pet business owners achieve increased profits to allow for more time off, less stress, and more money. My priority is to make your life easier as an owner of a pet business.


Co-Founder & Assistant Creative Director

Everyone meet Luna. This face is a good reason to make you smile. She is the big inspiration behind StreetDog Marketing and is happy to work alongside her Dog Mom. In her spare time, Luna enjoys walks to the dog park and visiting local pet stores. Luna also loves playing tug of war, eating cantaloupe, cheese and sleeping in bed with her PAWrents.


Bilingual Digital Marketing Coordinator

If pets resemble their owners, Tango & Julie-Anne are both energetic, positive and gregarious, ready to sprint as well as pace themselves through a marathon. She is your main point of contact in French. Donc n'hésitez pas à la rejoindre en tout temps, pour discuter de vos besoins et de vos buts en tant qu'entreprise. She is an avid writer in French and English with experience as a content writer, a social media influencer and a guest. 


Graphic Designer

Hannah has spent her whole life surrounded by dogs. Her dogs have helped to inspire her fun-loving design style. As a visual learner Hannah understands just how important design is and she believes everything should have the option of being shown visually.


Allow her to listen to your needs and produce the designs you have always wanted.


Photographer & Videographer

Hi, I'm Danica. As a former dog walker I fell in love with other people's dogs. Mix that with my photography business and you get one passionate dog loving photographer. Studying film studies and post production I have my hands in videography as well. I'm an expert at bringing stories to life through digital means." Check out my website!


Marketing Content Writer

Jacalyn has spent the last several years working in the advertising world as a Creative Director and copywriter, where her experience with both small and large brands has allowed her to create unique marketing strategies that solve common brand woes. She's an avid wildlife conservation advocate and owns to cute kittens that definitely keep things interesting! 


Social Media Assistant

Growing up in a big family, the model child was always the dog. And as nurture trumped nature I began to grow up adapting to the dogs model child characteristics; thinking freely and creatively, enjoying the small things in life, spending as much time being active outdoors as possible and of course enjoying every delicious treat that comes my way. With a history of working in both creative writing and account management roles I have learnt how to make ordinary content into the extraordinary, and am always keen on delivering it to client on schedule. 


Feel free to reach out to me with a new challenge, because through creative collaboration and all paws on deck, I know we can achieve our goals!


Digital Media Manager

Mari Pikkov is a Web Marketing SEO who partners with retail executives to grow their personal and professional brands. After more than ten years in and around the equestrian sports industry, she decided to combine her love for animals with her professional career.


Mari has worked for an equestrian retailer in sales and as a special event and Web Marketer for many years, developing, supporting and engaging the brand and its sales platforms with clients. In addition to Web Marketing, Mari is also proud owner of two hilariously wonderful dogs who keep her up and active all day long. 

Street Dog Marketing is a Canadian-based boutique marketing firm with a laser focus on helping pet businesses reach their goals.

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How can we help?

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